About JAC


The ATU/Labor Management “Joint Apprenticeship Committee” (JAC), for Local 1277 requested that a Rail Technical Training Program be designed specifically to address the training needs for the Rail Fleet Services Department.  This request supports the 2013 -2017 labor management agreement for those ATU members who have 24 units of electrical and/or electronic courses from an accredited college or vocational school.

The JAC Program, developed in a joint LATTC- Metro collaborative, is designed to provide for career development opportunity for ATU members interested in becoming a Rail Vehicle Maintenance Specialist.  The pilot class took place from August 18, 2014 – March 20, 2015 with twelve (12) ATU employees from the following job classifications: Service Attendant (7); Mechanic A (2); Mechanic B (1); Mechanic (1); and Digital Tech (1).


Program Overview

The JAC Program consisted of six incumbent worker modules conducted over two weeks, along with 2.5 weeks of computer systems training, and then seven core modules, taught over approximately six months. The modules are based on a list of core competencies identified by the committee.  Each module consists of both lecture and practical lab or field exercises. Some course materials and assessments were administered using the a Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Module 1: Rail Safety
  • Module 2: Shop Tools
  • Module 3: Electrical Theory and Concepts
  • Module 4: Mechanical Systems
  • Module 5: Car Monitoring/Communication
  • Module 6: Electronic Principles
  • Module 7: Advanced Diagnostic Equipment